OrCAD Engineering Data Management

Collaboration and design data management

What is OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM)?

OrCADĀ® Engineering Data Management (EDM) provides a comprehensive collaboration and management environment for OrCAD Capture users. Fully integrated within the OrCAD Capture environment, OrCAD EDM enables multiple engineers to take advantage of the time-to-market benefits gained from team based design, while eliminating the challenges associated with managing distributed design data.

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Product Highlights

Fully Integrated With OrCAD Capture

Get up and running quickly with a simple and easy-to-use web-based interface built directly inside the OrCAD Capture environment

Team Design Project Coordination

View, manage, and assign schematic pages to your engineering team through a centralized location, control user access rights on a page level

Design Data Checkout Locking

Lock out pages that are currently being edited by a user automatically, and other users will be able to access those pages in read-only mode

Real-time Traceability and Communication

Tag and store every page download or update in the Team Design systems, giving the team full visibility into what changed, who changed it, and why

Full Version History

Keep a full version history of each uploaded change on a page or a project level, making it easy to roll back to a previous version or compare changes

Facilitate IP Reuse

Achieve significant reduction in time to market by easily searching for and reusing IP from tested and approved designs on your current project