Pre- and post-layout topology exploration
and signal integrity analysi

What is OrCAD PCB SI?

OrCAD® PCB SI is an integrated analysis environment that delivers powerful simulation technology to help find and address signal integrity (SI) issues throughout the design process—from circuit design in the schematic to board placement and routing. It enables pre- and post-layout topology exploration, signal analysis, and validation. With OrCAD PCB SI, you can increase circuit reliability and drive known-good interconnect requirements throughout the PCB design flow to reduce re-spins.

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Product Highlights

Exploration and Validation

Take advantage of pre- and post-layout signal analysis capabilities to explore, manage, and validate interconnect at any stage of the design cycle

Circuit Optimization

Reduce prototypes and re-spins through exploration, analysis, and design of interconnect to increase circuit reliability, improve circuit performance

Integrated Design Flows

Eliminate the need to translate design databases for simulation with direct integration to OrCAD PCB Editor and OrCAD Capture

Quality Interconnect

Make use of analysis results as embedded constraints to drive known-good interconnect requirements throughout the design flow

Extensive Model Support

Speed time to simulation with support for all the latest industry-standard IBIS formats and models, generic models, and custom-built models

Future-Proof Scalability

Maximize your investment in OrCAD signal integrity solutions knowing the products can grow with your future SI requirements and evolving challenges