Allegro AMS Simulator

Full-featured mixed-signal simulation

Allegro AMS Simulator provides complete pre- and post-layout testing for analog and mixed-signal designs with powerful simulation, debugging, design, and analysis utilities.

Cadence® Allegro® AMS Simulator includes PSpice® technology at the core, providing fast and accurate simulations. This Advanced Analysis package includes utilities for sensitivity analysis, goal-based multi-parameter optimization, component stress and reliability analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis for yield estimation. The parametric plotter analyzes interdependence among parameters and converts simulation data into meaningful results. When combined with Allegro Design Entry HDL, the schematics drawn in AMS Simulator can also drive PCB layout—significantly reducing design time and eliminating redrawing errors. It includes a large library of known models and behavioral modeling techniques that make refining the analog/digital interface a straightforward task.


  • Provides fast, accurate analysis of analog and mixed-signal designs
  • Integrates seamlessly with Allegro Design Entry HDL
  • Performs AC, DC, noise, transient, and parameter sweep analyses
  • Includes magnetic parts editor for transformer and inductor design
  • Utilizes a large inventory of accurate internal models with temperature effects
  • Describes functional blocks using editable behavioral models
  • Includes library of more than 20,000 known devices and components
  • Provides automatic circuit optimizer to increase performance
  • Performs circuit sensitivity, component stress, and productive yield analyses
  • Interfaces with MATLAB Simulink for advanced electrical modeling