OrCAD Documentation Editor

Automating the documentation process

What is OrCAD Documentation Editor?

OrCADĀ® Documentation Editor is a PCB documentation-authoring tool that intelligently automates your documentation creation process to produce complex PCB documentation in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods. Developed in the style and use-model of Windows desktop applications, OrCAD Documentation Editor enables you to quickly create the manufacturing drawings that drive PCB fabrication and assembly.

Download the OrCAD Documentation Editor Datasheet

Product Highlights

Unlimited PCB Views

Create and place unlimited views of the PCB. Each view may have its own display settings and may be formatted independently of the source data

Drawing Creation

Draw elements by simply dragging and dropping from a tools pallet menu without a limitation on the number of elements that can be placed on a drawing

Fabrication and Assembly Drawing

Support for constructing fabrication and assembly panel views. Drawing-detail wizards automate the layer stack-up, finger chamfer, and V-score drawing

Mechanical Component Support

Define any drawing item as a mechanical component through a number of different ways and re-use them as needed in future designs

Design Driven Documentation

Import CAD data to drive the documentation creation process, while additional external content may be imported and incorporated in the drawings


Perform engineering change orders (ECOs) by refreshing only the source CAD data, as all drawing elements remain linked to that source data