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The Benchmark OFS IV - the latest in the Benchmark series of Optifical Fibre Training Systems – is designed to provide comprehensive training to students and all levels of scientific and technical personnel on fibre optic devices and digital communication systems. The laboratory spans fibre optics and related topics, including:

  • Fibre optic device characteristics
  • Principles of fibre optics and digital communications
  • Fibre optic equipment
  • Digital and analog fibre optic links

The OFS IV can be used for demonstration, training and experimentation and, can form the basis, for student and research projects and prototypes.

In short, the Benchmark Optical Fibre Training System - OFS IV - ensures that its users will be well-equipped to work with large-scale, real-world fibre optic systems.


  • The OFS IV Sytem comprises compatible fibre optics equipment and components to conduct a series of structured experiments
  • OFT- Optical Fibre and Digital Communications Trainer demonstrates integrated voice/data communication link, TDM and digital communication principles. It offers unlimited experimentation using on-kit circuitry and external interfaces, including an RS-232 add-on
  • Demonstration & Measurement of multimode fibre characteristics – Bending Losses, Attenuation, Pulse Broadening, Numerical Aperture, Clad mode stripping study
  • Individual LED, LASER, PD and APD Modules for device characteristics study. The characteristics modules cover forward, reverse & zero bias, leakage characteristics
  • Experimental OTDR: Integrate essential blocks of an OTDR and understand its principles of operation
  • Learn how to use an OTDR with fabricated fibre events
  • Plastic and glass fibre links - for experimentation and as interface modules for other digital circuitry
  • Light Source with variable optical power output, continuous wave, external modulation, internal word and PRBS generation
  • Power Meter calibrated at 650, 850 & 1300nm
  • Specially designed component-insertion PCBs for link construction – for repeated use by students
  • Comprehensive lab manuals for individual modules. The manuals cover the theory and guide students through a series of experiments
  • Optional Connectorisation and Splicing Kits – to provide students with hands-on experience in connectorisation and splicing of glass fibre
  • Optional range of LEDs, detectors, fibres, connectors, adaptors & receptacles – for custom-development of links, and for study of fibre optic devices and fibre-handling
  • Optional Single Mode Fiber Characteristics Study – Modes observation, Normalized Frequency (V-number) calculation, Mode Field Diameter & NA Measurement.

OFS Manuals

All OFS systems come with comprehensive laboratory manuals, in addition to the manuals for the trainer and equipment, to guide users through a series of experiments.

Moreover, these manuals clearly explain a complete set of experiments that cover system level integration, link characteristics, LEDs and photo detector characteristics, link design, connection of optical fibre, splicing of optical fibre, mounting of LEDs and detectors in receptacles, etc.